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12 JANUARY 2018

Just published: "KUMIKO'S DUCHESSE" (SKU 1321) by Kumiko Nakazaki.

19 DECEMBER 2017

Just published: "TEXTILE LANDSCHAFT SALZBURG" (SKU 1291) by Monika Thonhauser.

30 OCTOBER 2017

Just published: "STARS" (SKU 1491E) by Luzine Happel.

29 OCTOBER 2017

Just published: "QUATTRO BORDINI" (SKU 1484) by Bianca Rosa Bellomo, Carla D’Alessandro and Luisa Monteventi.

24 AUGUST 2017

Just published: "SPITZEN UND EINSÄTZE", by Brigitte Bellon (SKU 1160).

14 APRIL 2017


Just published: "PUNTI A GIORNO 9" (SKU 1449).

20 MARCH 2017

Just published: "BIJOUX DE FLEURS EN FRIVOLITÉ" by Peikko (SKU 1745).

20 JANUARY 2017


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17 JANUARY 2017

The Kantcentrum's folders for the OIDFA-Congress have been reprinted due to great demand: "LJUBLJANA KANTSPECIAL BASIC" (SKU 1051) and "LJUBLJANA KANTSPECIAL EXPERT" (SKU 1052).