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Catherine Mazé
LA DENTELLE DE FLANDRE dentelle á fils continus
Paris (F) 2006, 67 pp., 23×30 cm, hardback
Text: French
Because there is a real need for an introductory book about Flanders lace we were very much looking forward to this new publication. However, this book seems to have been conceived exclusively for French novel-readers: instead of many illustrations and diagrams we are offered long-winded text. The coloured diagrams must often be turned before they make sense, the lace prickings are very short and do not show repeats. Twice the coloured diagrams lack (of all things!) the cloth stitch fillings, where the unusual exchanges of workers are found, and instead the ground, which we should have understood long since, is drawn in detail.

It is often not possible to see what one should see in the illustrations. In all, there are 20 simple narrow traditional lace edgings in which often only ground is worked in the corners. – What a pity!