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Peter Sørensen
Tommerup (DK) 2009, 55 pp., 26×20.4 cm, paperback
Text: Danish

Also available in English (SKU 212).
Here you will find 12 patterns for traditional Torchon lace edgings for everyday use: designs by a skilled craftsman, not particularly original but robust and washable as well as being uncomplicated and relatively quick to work. There are 4 patterns with each of three kinds of headside: shell, heart and fan.

The illustrated square mats measure 18 cm along the outer edges, the lace edgings are about 7.5 cm wide and enclose a small square of linen (10 threads per cm). Appropriate for the (coarse) cloth, the lace is worked with 35/2 linen thread and 22 to 28 pairs of bobbins. Coloured working diagrams simplify the work, and the photos show everything else that one needs to know. Of course it would be a simple matter to use these patterns for a larger table cloth; the book gives instructions for enlarging or reducing the patterns and for the appropriate thread thicknesses.