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Judith Connors
CONTEMPORARY TATTING - New Designs from an Old Art
Berkeley (USA) 2006, 64 pp., 28×21.5 cm, paperback
Text: English
The author considers it very important that the old techniques are not forgotten but is aware at the same time that only innovation can let the lace develop. Therefore, before the collection of patterns she has put in 12 pages about techniques in which good explanations are combined with good diagrams.

Then follow 15 patterns at differing levels of difficulty. They are richly illustrated and accompanied by descriptions of the methods used and diagrams to make the instructions complete.

The patterns are always intended for a specific use: bookmarks, earrings, a three-dimensional flower stiffened with florist’s wire which stands on its own (and doesn’t really look like tatting), a garter and several other little ideas which go a lot further than the traditional boring patterns.

Take note: previously we offered the Australian edition of this publication under the order number 733. It had a pale lilac cover and was also very much cheaper. Unfortunately it is now out of print. Therefore we have no choice but to fall back on the American edition. The contents of the two versions are identical.