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Gisela Brinck
Gammelby (D) 2012, 48 pp., 27×21 cm, booklet
Text: German
A book on pulled thread embroidery (pulled work) has long been on our wish-list.

Pulled thread embroidery is a counted thread embroidery in which the warp and weft threads of linen cloth are bundled with embroidery thread so that quite new structures appear: sometimes holes (the so-called jours), sometimes raised areas – and overall a lace-like grid pattern. The technique is easy to learn and so can be thoroughly recommended for beginners in embroidery.

Here we have an inexpensive introduction to the pulled thread embroidery technique with instructions for 35 attractive and very different fillings with which a large variety of patterns can be produced. As an example, the book explains how to work a tablecloth with butterflies embroidered in this technique.