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Petra Tschanter
Kiel (D), 2013, 40 pp. 29.7×21 cm, booklet
Text: German and English

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Petra Tschanter shows us here how to make a "magic cube" with colourful lace sides. It can be opened in almost every direction to produce new figures and coloured surfaces.

Bobbin lace squares with a side length of 5 cm are worked. For this purpose, 6 motifs in Torchon and Flanders lace are provided. For each motif there is an illustration, lace pricking and colour-coded working diagram.

Foam rubber (sponge) cubes are then covered with cloth onto which the lace squares are mounted. The pattern for sewing the cloth cover and exact instructions for assembling the magic cube are also given. Naturally, single cubes can also be made. (As an alternative, the booklet also tells you how you could print the finished lace onto cloth which you can then use to cover the cubes.)