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Ulrike Voelcker
Bochum (D) 2013, 124 pp., 29,7×21 cm, loose-leaf collection
Text: German and English
The third volume of Ulrike Voelcker’s Torchon handbook deepens the knowledge acquired in the first volume. In about 100 problem-solving exercises you can learn to read and alter working diagrams and to prepare them yourself, to plan the start and finish of a project and to compare different technical variants. Naturally, the solutions to all the problems are included.

It is, however, not simply a collection of exercises, it can also serve as a collection of patterns. The 55 patterns include, for example, straight lace with and without corners, doilies, scarves and a shawl.

And Ulrike Voelcker provides practical and helpful tips, for example, for working on a flat pillow with moveable blocks, for calculating how much thread you need or for pin thickness. This third part is a valuable addition to the first two parts for all of those who want to deepen their knowledge of this technique and perhaps even to design lace for themselves or at least to alter designs to fit their own ideas. It is also a good reference work for teachers. When you have worked your way through the whole Torchon course, you will have a good knowledge of the fundamentals of bobbin lacemaking which can provide a basis also for other lacemaking techniques.

Take note: the pages of the first part of this course (Torchon – Erlernen / Discover) are needed here!