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Ulrike Voelcker
Bochum (D) 2012, 122 pp., 29.7×21 cm, loose-leaf collection
Text: German and English

Now the second part is available, the part EXPLORE. It contains the promised extra patterns.

Each of the 11 chapters of the first part is extended with more patterns: close work, Torchon ground, spiders, Scandinavian ground, rose ground, triangular ground, tallies, gimps, half stitch ornaments, grounds, patterns, colour and general techniques. And "extended" is meant here quite literally because the loose leaves of this part are to be filed, chapter by chapter, between those of the first part. (Thus after page 20 come the pages 20–1 to 20–10 and page 21 comes only after that. On these new pages we find the patterns for 2 scarves, each illustrated in different colours, with a colour-coded diagram for a section of each scarf, the lace prickings and some more detailed explanations, here for how to begin and end with fringes. To the Torchon ground chapter is added a pattern for a little mat, to the spiders two pretty round mats and a handkerchief edging, to Scandinavian ground an oval edging, 3 triangular pieces of lace for mats and one table runner, which is again shown 3 times worked in different colours. Mats, scarves and lace edgings are added in this way to every chapter. I also want to mention an attractive sampler with 36 different grounds in addition to the "normal" ones. It is remarkable how often the patterns are worked with doubled or more than doubled threads or with different threads wound from the start on to one bobbin.

Normally, Ulrike Voelcker’s lace is recognizable at once as being characteristically her style, but in Torchon lace a personal trademark is not readily seen. Most of the patterns are thoroughly conventional; typical Voelcker designs are rare. In some cases we would have been more likely to think of Christine Mirecki, but that is mostly because of the colours used.

If you have already worked with part one, and if you enjoy working Torchon lace, this second part is practically a MUST.