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Ulrike Voelcker
Bochum (D) 2012, 126 pp. 29.7×21 cm, loose-leaf collection
Text: German and English

Ulrike Voelcker has published the first part of a planned three-part series on Torchon lace. The three issues of the loose-leaf collection are to cover three themes: “Discover”, “Explore”, “Master”.

Thus, this first section is about discovering. Since the Torchon technique is often the first lacemaking technique which beginners learn, it has the reputation of being relatively uncomplicated. And since Ulrike Voelcker has not yet been associated with “easy” techniques, we cannot help but look for hidden refinements here too.

Instead we have a very respectable introduction to a popular technique, systematically arranged chapters about special features (spiders, Scandinavian ground, rose ground, triangular and various other grounds, tallies, gimps) and 75 lace prickings. Naturally, some chapters are more detailed than one might expect.

For instance, right at the beginning in the chapter on threads the author has gone to the trouble of working and illustrating a single sample piece more than 70 times! Very likely she has also included your favourite thread and, because the factors for enlarging and reducing the prickings are given, you can use it to work them all. In the chapter on gimps, Ulrike Voelcker has cleverly slipped in details of avoiding gimp ends by passing bobbins through a loop of gimp thread, a method which is otherwise not relevant until you learn to work point ground.

Also worth mentioning is the excellent quality of the lace prickings, coloured working diagrams and thread diagrams. Ulrike Voelcker’s photos were always good and here too she has kept to the standard she sets for herself! The sturdier paper also adds to the very good impression made by this publication.

A MUST for lace teachers, for the curious and for Torchon fans ... With suspense we await the next part, “Explore”, in which we hope for lots of interesting patterns.