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Ulrike Voelcker
Bochum (D) 2006, 140 pp., 29,7×21 cm, hardback
Text: German, English & Spanish
Ulrike Voelcker’s book contains 18 flower motifs worked in a point ground net, amongst others tulip and daffodil, poppy and cornflower, fuchsia and edelweiss. Some flowers have been designed after nature, some are adapted from art nouveau designs.

The flowers are made with fine coloured silk thread, surrounded by such a gossamer point ground net that it is almost invisible. This gives an impression of ease and grace, but of course Ulrike Voelcker’s patterns are always a task not easily to accomplish! For the less experienced lacemaker there is an example (meadow saffron), where all the more difficult parts are explained in great detail. – Each flower appears with diagrams and detail drawings, pricking, colour photograph as well as enlarged black-and-white pictures.