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Sabine Frank-Hart
no place of publication (D) 2008, 13 pp., 29.7×21 cm, paperback
Text: German
The bobbin lace group Überherrn (Saarland, Germany) has worked a whole “true to life” aquarium full of fish, seaweed and corals. The aquarium has been exhibited successfully in Saarland but also at Klöppeln zwischen den Meeren in Rendsburg. It is not everyone who wants to make a whole aquarium at once, but it would not be difficult to work a group of fish for a mobile or to use them to decorate a (child’s) room.

The booklet contains 26 lace prickings: exotic colourful South Sea fish, starfishes, sea urchins, a jellyfish, seaweed and corals. The fish are worked twice, once each way around, all the parts (fins) put together and the body of the fish stuffed with cotton wool. The use of mixed thread remnants is especially recommended by the author. Pin holes are mostly not marked; the spacing between the rows is to be chosen by eye, depending on the thread used for lacemaking. But that should not put you off: the designs are not difficult to work. You need just a little imagination and, anyway, the illustrations can serve as a guide.

An original idea which can perhaps encourage other lacemakers to try to work other designs.