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Ulrike Voelcker
Bochum (D) 2007, 192 pp., 29,7×21 cm, hardback
Text: German
The book "Schwarzarbeit" by Ulrike Löhr was very popular but has been out of print for many years. Now a second volume, which does not presuppose knowledge of the first, has been published.

Again the book is about Chantilly lace, point ground lace worked in black silk. Chantilly lace was the height of fashion in the second half of the 19th century when it was used in the form of wide lace flounces to trim ladies' spreading skirts.

Here we find numerous flower motifs, often taken from old lace edgings and turned into an independent motif. The motifs have to fit as harmoniously as possible into the regular point ground; motifs which are lively and light or classically severe - the two poles of that period - are to be found in these patterns.

This time, as always, Frau Voelcker has presented us with an extensive collection of high quality patterns, all of them for fascinating lace. Also well represented is Chantilly ombrée, actually the most attractive feature of this lace.

Each pattern (and there are 69 different ones!) is accompanied by illustrations, working diagrams, the lace pricking and notes for the lacemaker. The first patterns in the book are explained in more detail; after that it is assumed that the lacemaker has some experience.