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PIZZO DI CANTÙ 5 – Decalcabile
Milan (I) 2008, 30.5×24.5 cm, 24 pp. + 12 pattern sheets, booklet
Text: Italian
Number 5 of the popular Cantu booklets.

Again a variety of techniques are included, especially Bruges flower lace, Cantu and tape lace.

In coarse Bruges flower lace there is a coloured flower pot picture, insertions to sew into a tablecloth, edgings for mats including a set for a carafe and glasses, flowers as application motifs and a madonna in profile.

In Cantu technique the book provides: two oval mats made entirely of lace (lengths 27 and 39 cm), both to be worked with fine thread, various ornate insertions to be sewn into cloth, an edging for a place mat. Also included: a picture of a peacock (height about 26 cm), a Christmas star made by putting together a lot of single pieces.

As usual, large colourful illustrations with atmosphere; once more the lace prickings are on extra sheets and to be ironed on; unfortunately there are no sensible instructions for working the patterns.