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Brigitte Bellon
Gammelby (D) 2009, 104 pp., 24×17 cm, hardback
Text: German, English, Spanish and French
Brigitte Bellon's patterns for Christmas lace are popular all over the world; therefore her new book on this theme has been produced in four languages.

Once more an attractive mixture of Christmas motifs which can be hung on the Christmas tree or used for Christmas cards. 2 angels, 3 motifs with candles, 18 stars, 7 hearts, 4 bells, a Christmas tree, a Christmas stocking and a snowman, 2 crib motifs and the three wise men. In all there are 42 patterns, some worked in white, some in colour or with metallic thread. Again a variety of techniques have been used but mainly braid lace with plaits, Schneeberger lace, Russian braid lace and Cluny.

One of the two crib motifs (with Mary and Joseph) can be put together with the 3 wise men and the 2 angels to give a larger crib scene. Some of the motifs are quick and easy to work but especially the figures require a certain skill and some patience.