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Steffi Reinhardt
Barbie's lace
Bobbin lace patterns for 29cm dolls
Leuna (D), 2015, 60 pp., 21 × 15 cm, paperback
Text: German and English
The first little book with lace for Barbie has arrived! It contains a number of scarves and shawls, also skirts and trousers, a bikini top and a bustier.

The little pieces are well suited for trying out a thread or a pattern. For example, to practice spiders, little stars, snowflakes or point de Paris ground, because all of that is shown here with illustrations, prickings and colour-coded working diagrams. The lace is made with 8 to 16 pairs of bobbins and the patterns are also suitable for beginners with basic knowledge of lacemaking. And you are welcome to try variations and to test your own ideas.

The way you use the pieces is up to you. Thus you can use the little tapes which are scarves for Barbie just as well as bracelets, key holders or such, the skirts can be little mats or cuffs for candles.

In any case a MUST for bobbin lacemakers who are Barbie fans!