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Jane Atkinson
Christchurch (GB) 2011, 140 pp., 24×27 cm, paperback
Text: English
Jane Atkinson has occupied herself with lace design for many years now, and especially she is fascinated by designs for coloured Torchon lace. We know her as author of the book “Pattern design for Torchon lace” (now out of print).

With her new book she aims to give her pupils the help they need to learn to produce their own designs independently. Therefore she describes particular individual design possibilities. First, however, she explains that designing can be a lengthy process, that a design must sometimes be put aside for a while so that it can mature, be changed again, ...

Then follow detailed considerations and illustrations on the subjects grid, material, colour, structure of a pattern, grouping, stylization, etc. The chapters are richly illustrated with many coloured photographs of lace on the beach. In this way the author tries to give the readers concrete instructions in detailed steps on the way to their own designs.

More and more lacemakers are trying their hand at lace design. And always there are the same questions. Here is another book which offers help.

For those who like to experiment. Many coloured photographs, a few lace prickings (reduced in size) for you to work.