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Brigitte Bellon
Gammelby (D) 2015, 72 pp., 27× 21 cm, hardback
Text: German and English
In her previous books Brigitte Bellon has often included patterns for bobbin lace butterflies which lots of lacemakers enjoyed working. And because the butterfly motif is still very popular, here is a whole collection of more than 30 patterns which have not before been published.

All are worked as tape lace, about a third of them in the currently very popular technique of Milanese lace; there are also a few worked in the Schneeberg technique and one in Russian tape lace. You will find smaller and larger butterflies, also easier and more difficult, coloured and white butterflies in a whole variety of forms. A pattern for a piece of Torchon lace with butterflies (e.g. for the end of a table runner, a curtain or such) completes the collection.

Brigitte Bellon recommends explicitly that you use up the thread left over on your bobbins for these patterns and so a variety of materials and colours have been used here; you are sure to have a favourite thread which would like to be turned into a butterfly.

The lace prickings and coloured photographs of the finished butterflies are included, where necessary also working diagrams and sketches of details.