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Rosemarie Urban (Hg.)
Leipzig (D) 2010, Folder (32×23 cm) with booklet (8 pp.) and 5 pattern sheets
Text: German
Mailänder Spitze & Co. (Milanese lace & Co.) is the name of the new folder from Verlag für die Frau, and among the 19 designs there really are three in Milanese technique. The editor, Rosemarie Urban, has once more put together a selection of quite different designs from several designers. This time they include Dr. Ingeburg Hartung, Anni Rühle, Hannelore Naumann und Brigitta Rost.

The contents: simple to work necklaces, "Greek signs of the zodiac" (i.e., the zodiac symbols), pictures to hang in a window, wall hangings, a variety of little pieces. Mostly the technique used is tape lace for which not many pairs are required. The prickings look rather old-fashioned: drawn by hand and often not retouched, and are thus quite different from those in other modern publications.