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Wivi-Ann Nordström
Gammelby (D) 2010, 144 pp., 30×22.5 cm, hardback
Text: Swedish, German, English
What is Pettersson lace?

This lace was worked by the Pettersson family in southern Sweden at the beginning of the 19th century. On a first glance the lace looks almost like Torchon lace; the differences become apparent only when you look more closely. The method is based on the traditional free-hand lace technique but differs in that a standard pricking is used, a universal lace pricking.

Wivi-Ann Nordström has spent a long time studying this kind of lace and presents here the results of her researches. The book shows photographs of original lace from museums and private collections. They show the original use of the lace on shirts, tops and caps in the local costume.

In addition we learn about the history of Pettersson lace and its singular technique.

An extensive section then brings patterns for 52 old, reworked, and sometimes very wide pieces of lace. Coloured working diagrams for all patterns make the lacemaking easier.

Many illustrations; a valuable book for those interested in history and as a collection of patterns for lacemakers.