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Ulrike Voelcker
Bochum (D) 2007, 96 pp., 29.7×21 cm, hardback
Text: German & English
A book by Ulrike Voelcker: in one an instruction manual and pattern collection for the not-so-well-known Mechlin lace.

Mechlin lace is a net ground lace of the late 17th and especially the 18th century. Its special feature is its ground, called ice ground or Mechlin ground: where the pairs in point ground are linked only with half stitches, in ice ground this is done with short plaits. The result is the characteristic hexagonal ground.

Whereas the ground is traditionally worked without pins, Ulrike Voelcker, as unconventional as ever, expressly recommends the use of pins and this makes the lace very much easier to work.

After an extensive introduction to the techniques, we find 10 beautiful oval flower medallions from 19th century designs (about 11x8 cm in size), each with a detailed working diagram, black and white illustration and lace pricking. After 2 narrow ("easy") practice edgings follow 7 pretty floral laces from old patterns. For these one needs - depending on the width of the lace - between 27 and 105 pairs of bobbins. Two other "modern" Mechlin designs by Ulrike Voelcker complete the book.