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Ulrike Löhr
Bochum (D) 2005, 56 pp., 29.7×21 cm, booklet
Text: German and English
With her collection of grounds and fillings (our Nos 361–364), Ulrike Löhr has attracted a great deal of attention; the grounds have been the subject of much wonder and admiration. But one question arose repeatedly: what do I do with them? Here is Ulrike's suggestion: the Binche-like grounds provide the background pattern, the gimp threads provide accentuation; beginning, end and edges are added – and table runners are the result. One practice piece is explained in detail with text and helpful diagrams and it is recommended strongly that you work this piece first because – not altogether unexpectedly – the runners are really not easy to make. Once again, a book for those who like to test their wits and skill but, as we know, their number is growing all the time.