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Ulrike Voelcker
Bochum (D) 2014, 128 p., 29.7×21 cm, hardback
Text: German and English
Some years ago Ulrike Voelcker found three strange pieces of lace on the antique market in Barjac. It was black or black and dark grey silk bobbin lace with Chantilly-like designs but with rose ground instead of point ground and worked entirely with continuous threads. As nobody knew this kind of lace and because it had never before been described, Ulrike Voelcker called it simply "Barjac Ombrée".

In the present book, this new-found kind of lace and its special technical features are examined meticulously. The motifs from the finds – floral arabesques in the style of the late 19th century – are reconstructed. More arabesque motifs have been designed by the author herself. They remind us rather of Jugendstil or art deco, but that seems very appropriate too.

Thus 25 reconstructed and 22 newly designed lace prickings for this rediscovered technique have come together, mainly single motifs as medallions but also a couple of designs for not very wide straight lace.