Company History

On the 1st of February 1985, Barbara Fay set up her publishing business and mail-order book shop in Stuttgart.

In the section "mail-order book shop" Barbara concentrated on her hobby, bobbin lace. There were practically no books about bobbin lacemaking available in the German language, and from her own lacemaking experience Barbara knew how difficult it was to obtain books from abroad. To improve this situation for other lacemakers, she began to buy books about bobbin lace from publishers in Germany and abroad and to sell them to interested customers.

From the start Barbara wrote thoroughly critical reviews of the newly published works about bobbin lace, reviews which she sent to a continually growing circle of customers at home and abroad – and these annotated book lists invoked an enthusiastic response.

In 1988, for the first time, Barbara and her husband Rolf manned a sales stand at the Deutscher Klöppelverband's annual general meeting in Mainz. In 1989 she was at the first Kniplingsfestival in Tønder.

Since that time our firm has been represented at about ten bobbin lace events every year and therefore we know a lot of our customers personally.

The "Barbara Fay Verlag" concentrated initially on mediaeval literature. Not until 1991 were bobbin lace books included in the list. The first book about bobbin lace produced by our publishing house was "Freude am Klöppeln" by Barbara Pollak (now out of print). Then came several books by Brigitte Bellon, Claire Burkhard, Ulla Fagerlin and others.

In 1991 our place of business moved from Stuttgart to Gammelby. Gammelby is a little village in Schleswig-Holstein, not far from Eckernförde.

In 1993, Barbara Fay together with Ellen Meyer from Lübeck and Elfi Kunstmann from Wankendorf launched the Schleswig-Holstein lace day "Klöppeln zwischen den Meeren" (lacemaking between the seas). After that, with the support of different lace groups, the lace day was held in a different place every year; since 2008 the event has been firmly anchored in Rendsburg.

Since 1995, tatting and needle lace have been included in the lists of our mail-order book shop, since 2004 also fine embroidery. The first book about embroidery to be published by the Barbara Fay Verlag appeared in 2012 ("Ajourstickerei I" von Gisela Brinck).

For some years now Barbara has suffered from multiple systemic atrophy, an incurable disorder of the nervous system which made it increasingly impossible for her to do her work. Therefore, since 2010 the firm has been managed by her daughter Dagmar.

In summer 2013 Barbara's daughter Dagmar Jenkel took over the firm completely. Rolf Fay and Marina Täubner support her.